Bird House

July 19, 2009, 11:33 am
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BIRD HOUSE director Heidi Handelsman, playwright Kate Marks, and the 3 lady-producers of The KNF Co partook in a lively discussion about the play and women in theatre with award-winning podcast interviewer MARINA.


Your Vote Counts!: The New York Innovative Theatre Awards
July 8, 2009, 9:57 am
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Your vote matters! The New York Innovative Theatre Award is Independent Theatre’s answer to the TONY.  Audience vote counts towards 25% of the total score towards nomination.  Just a few minutes of your time will help these artists get the recognition they deserve.

Outstanding Production of a Play

Outstanding Ensemble Performance

Outstanding Actress in a Lead Role: Cotton Wright

Outstanding Actress in a Lead Role: Christina Shipp

Outstanding Actor in a Featured Role: Ora Fruchter

Outstanding Actor in a Featured Role: Anthony Wills Jr.

Outstanding Actress in a Featured Role: Kylie Liya Goldstein

Outstanding Actress in a Featured Role: Wendy Scharfman

Outstanding Full Length Script Kate Marks

Outstanding Director of Play: Heidi Handelsman

Outstanding Set Design: Sara C. Walsh

Outstanding Lighting Design: Rebecca M. K. Makus

Outstanding Sound Design: Quentin Chiappetta

Outstanding Innovative Design: Andy Toad, Alex Koch

Outstanding Costume Design: Jessica Pabst

Outstanding Original Music: Quentin Chiappetta

Cyber-Interview with The KNF Co on
July 2, 2009, 4:49 pm
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The lovely trio behind The KNF Co we recently interviewed by Rochelle Denton at NYtheatre.Com.

Highlights include:.

Heberling: I feel like the name of our company is the inside joke that will never die, despite my many, many efforts to kill it.

Haydon: I sometimes tell people it stands for Karl’s Nantucket Flapjacks.

Kaplan: I know that I’m weird, but there’s nothing quite like completing the complicated Tetris of a perfectly scheduled load-in.


Welcome to the Lop Side, Soldier
June 6, 2009, 5:19 pm
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“Kate Marks has accomplished what other writers only dream about.”– Ashley Griffin, TheaterOnline.Com

a lovely and well-executed fairy tale.– Will Fulton, NYTheatre.Com

“…full of stunning imagery.– Amy Freeman, OffOffOnline.Com

Heidi Handelsman has conjured this fantasy so fully that even though we see the puppeteers through the life-size windows of this hand-crafted bird house (Sara C. Walsh’s set), we remain raptly dreaming Aaron Riccio , That Sounds Cool


Cotton Wright* and Christina Shipp are Louisy and Syl in BIRD HOUSE (photo by Marcus Woollen)

Welcome to the official website of BIRD HOUSE, an impossible new play by Kate Marks. It’s a coming of age story for an age under seige, when everyday what we thought was impossible is suddenly at our doorstep.

Below, you will find the production blog, regularly updated with new developments in the process of creating this singular event.  Check back often to keep abreast,  or subscribe to our RSS feed.

BIRD HOUSE is an AEA approved showcase opening July 10th @ Theater 3 and closing on July 26th.  For more information on ticket sales and directions, click HERE.

Click the TheaterMania button to purchase tickets, only $18.


*Member of AEA

Auditions: May 6th – 8th, 7-10PM Midtown
April 23, 2009, 2:19 pm
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World Premiere of a New Play

VENUE: Theatre 3


SALARY: Transportation



DIRECTOR: Heidi Handelsman


1st REHEARSAL: 6/16



Auditions will be held in midtown Manhattan on May 6th-8th, 7-10pm each evening. BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Please send headshot and resume to Please include your phone number and email address. Sides will be provided. Callbacks will be held in midtown Manhattan on May 9th, 4-8pm.

NOTE: Bird House is a fantastical story of two young women who live together in a tree house, until one decides she must leave home to become a hero out in the world. It’s a coming-of-age fable, and an exploration of how we understand war from what we think is a safe distance. For more info, please visit


LOUISY – Female, 20s-30s, any ethnicity. Full of sunshine, youthful, emotional, excitable, naïve. Needs looking after, and knows it. Positive attitude, shameless in her pursuit of her (very simple) desires and needs. A homebody, yet ethereal. Likes to sing – vocal training is not required, although the ability to carry a tune is essential. Clown training/experience helpful but not required.

SYL – Female, 20s-30s, any ethnicity. Youthful, but tougher and more grounded than Louisy. A sharp-shooter who wants to be a hero. She is concerned about matters of justice, and has a hunger for whatever is out there. Fancies herself more worldly than Louisy, but is still quite naïve.  Sings sometimes – vocal training is not required, although the ability to carry a tune is desired. Clown training/experience helpful but not required.

MYRA – Female, 8-13, any ethnicity. Curious, suspicious, likes to be in charge. High-energy, good at pretending. She has no family, so she is on her own and knows how to fend for herself – she’s something of a stray cat. A self-proclaimed authority on the world with a powerful imagination. The character is eight-years-old, and the actor should be able to play that age.

RITA – Female, 55-70, any ethnicity. A born caretaker and authority figure. Warm, fun to be around, knows how to tell a good joke and throw a good party. Knows the old wives’ cures for everything. Wise to the point of knowing the future. Slightly mystical. Mostly unshakable.

Also seeking TWO PUPPETEERS (age and gender unimportant) to bring to life a mischievous pair of cuckoos set free from the clock, an army of ants, a pet inchworm, a flock of ferocious birds with loose morals and poor hygiene, and many other moving things.

From the Playwright…
April 18, 2009, 10:52 pm
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Set in a mythical world where cuckoo clock birds talk, furniture blows by in the wind, and ants form armies, Bird House is the story of two longtime friends, Syl and Louisy. The play follows their struggle to understand the nature of their relationship and who they are within it (and without it) when the outside world intrudes upon their secluded lives.

The play was written for Sarah Petersiel, a great actress and clown. When I began writing the play I was greatly inspired by the clown work with which she and I were involved. For me, clowns experience the world for the first time, every time. They make no assumptions, so everything is a discovery and nothing is given. I strove to capture this quality in the writing.

In the play, the world is divided into two halves. On “The Bright Side,” Louisy and Syl live in a tiny house nested in a tree. Out the window, the world slopes green and gentle. Clotheslines in the distance remind them that they have neighbors. On “The Lop Side,” the grass turns to gravel. Furniture is caught in the bones of trees with the leaves blown off. Household remnants blow about in the wind. The play is set in war-time and examines the relationship between the place where war is a reality and the place where war is a story. – Kate Marks, Playwright

Artist Kate Allen illustrates BIRD HOUSE
April 15, 2009, 6:44 pm
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We asked the amazing comic book artist, Kate Allen, to illustrate her take on BIRD HOUSE.  The results are sketches deftly realized through a prism of 1950’s motifs and culture, an era when the sterile happiness of kitchenettes and Chevrolettes was undercut by the looming paranoia of a nuclear age.

More of Kate’s comic books, murals, and illustrations can be found on her blog: and purchased at